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It has been a while since there has been a post on my site. I am looking forward to exploring the realm of blogging. I want to extend my gratitude for everyone that is a subscriber to my blog posts, and I apologize that there hasn't been any recent posts.

I am working with my assistant from now on to publish weekly blog posts that encompass captivating historical events that I have researched in my time as an author. I look forward to sharing these posts with all of you. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy a synopsis about me. My assistant wanted to ask some focused questions so that subscribers have a better idea of who I am.

I hope you enjoy. Let's take the journey through history together.

Question 1: What/Who started your passion for writing?

My father started sharing family stories with us from the time I have memories. He also loved history and gave me children’s history books from an early age. He had a major impact on my love of history and story telling. Additionally, when I was in fourth grade, we wrote a poem for our class. My poem was picked to be read to the entire school. That was my first spark that I might have some ability to write and it moved me toward an interest in creative writing.

Question 2: Did you always know that you wanted to write historical fiction novels? Or did you begin with another Genre of writing?

My first area of interest was fantasy. I grew up on JRR Tolkein, David Eddings (from my hometown) and Lloyd Alexander. My first book was a fantasy comedy I wrote my third year of law school.

Question 3: What is your favorite historical period to research?

I love World War II history. Most of the classes I took while earning my history degree were focused on this timeframe. I find the collapse of democracies during this timeframe and the rise of dictatorships both fascinating, and a cautionary tale everyone should be paying close attention to at the present time.

Question 4: If you could travel to any historical landmark in the world, where would you go and why?

The top of my bucket list is Normandy. There is a Band of Brother’s Tour that goes through France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. I’m definitely going to go on this tour in the next few years.


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