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Executive Orders Are Damaging Our Republic

This is not a political post. This is a post about our democracy. I am concerned about many layers of what is happening to our country. The polarization of our two political parties, the loss of faith in our media and our political processes, all of these issues are concerning for the future of the United States.

One of my present concerns is the use of Executive orders to subvert Congress. I am not pointing fingers at Donald Trump, although he is the current President. I am concerned about the growing trend over the past couple of decades of Presidents utilizing this power to push their agenda around Congress.

Our system was set up with distinct checks and balances on purpose. The founding fathers were not innocents. If anything, they were so concerned about executive power that they set up a system designed to keep any President from becoming a tyrant. The President could administer the laws made by Congress, but could not make laws of his or her own. The judiciary has the power to declare actions unconstitutional, but it may only rule on those items that are sent directly to it.

The Presidents in this country are increasingly bypassing Congress and serving as both the legislative branch and the executive branch. This allows the President to act much more like a dictator. We have other problems that will have to be solved, but if we are going to preserve our form of government, this ability to legislate outside of the power of Congress must be re-examined, and restricted.

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