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  • James D. Shipman

The Wright Brothers

Happy Sunday! I wanted to send my gratitude to you all for subscribing to my weekly blog postings. I posted my upcoming book signings on the main page of my website as well as all my social media. You can also look under the tab "News and events" and that should navigate you to the list of the events. I hope to see you all there! Please keep reaching out to me, I appreciate your support and thoughts.

I am currently on a cruise through Alaska and enjoying the fresh air and a chance to do some writing.

For the historical event of the week: The Wright brothers only flew once together because their father didn't want the family to experience a double tragedy if there was an accident. We think of the Wright Brothers as having worked together for years, but in terms of actual flights, they only worked together once.

Here is a great place to find historical fact.


Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed this, please refer it to a friend! History needs to be shared more in conversation. Happy Sunday.

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